Thursday, February 10, 2011

Images from our full length video

Hi everyone,

For those of you that are looking for a better idea of what you will see in our full length video I took a bunch of screen capture images and posted them to our new Flickr account.

Making this first full length video was amazing!  We have several ideas we will be trying out soon, and would be happy to hear any suggestions that any of you may have.

We are also considering broadcasting the recording of our next video live via webcam, but aren't sure of a good way to do this.  If any of you know of a good software or website that would allow us to easily broadcast a webcam feed to as many people as want to watch it that is easy to use and stable please email or comment here and let us know.

 - Sissy Slut Sarah

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our second video!

Hi everyone!

Our second video is finally finished!  You can view the short 3 minute version here:

The full length video is just under 25 minutes long and contains much more of everything you see in the edited version!  My gorgeous Mistress spent the first 10 minutes humiliating and hurting me with her various toys before spending the last 15 minutes playing with and fucking my "pussy" with her large pink strap on.

If you would like to have a full resolution copy of the full 25 minute video simply click on the Pay Pal button here on our blog.  It's only $10, and a link to download the full video will be emailed to you immediately!

- sissy slut sarah

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I LOVE my Strap-On!

     There's just something that happens to me when I put on the pink strap-on... I feel automatically empowered, strong, beautiful, harsh, yet sensual. When sissy slut sarah puts her pretty lips on the tip of my cock, I can feel it in my pussy. The arousal is totally transferred and it makes me extremely turned on. I can't help but imagine how SSS would look with red lipstick on as she sucked my pink cock.
     I must say that I am a bit shocked at how much I enjoy taking control and making that little bitch do what I want. I know that I am very lucky to have SSS as my little pet. She is even luckier, though, to have me as her Mistress.
     I am looking forward to exploring the cross dressing a bit more, even though I know she might not like the idea. You know, the fact that she doesn't like to be dressed up makes me want to do it even more!!! I love seeing her hang her head in shame as she wears pink ruffled panties! 


Recording new video later today!

Mistress has let me know that we will be recording a new video later today!  I do not know what her wishes will be, but we do hope to create our first "full length" video.  We are not scripting or planning any of this out because we want it to be as natural and real as possible.  Obviously adding a camera ot the mix, and knowing that we will be posting the video, ads a certain element that wouldn't exist if we were not recording, but overall we hope our videos give a good impression of what our journey is really like.

We are open to suggestions, so if you enjoy our videos and would like to see us explore anything in particular, just let us know!

Editing and posting is my job, and with any luck I will have everything up this weekend!

- sissy slut sarah

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our first video

Mistress and I recorded this video last week as a test.  Mostly we wanted to see if using the camera would be awkward or intrusive for us, and for me to experiment with various video editing software to make sure I could do what was required.

This was also the very first time that Mistress had me dress up.  I am not a cross dresser, or at least I have never been before this video.  It seemed a natural enough way to disguise myself for the video, and I have to admit that it had a greater mental impact on me than I imagined it would.

Exploring the sub role has been largely a mental exercise for me.  In "normal life" I am very much an Aries/Alpha Male type.  Taking on this role with Mistress has been hard, and yet very rewarding.

As you can tell I very much enjoy certain physical aspects of being her bitch.  Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties in making this video that limited the total video time to 2 minutes.  Because of that this video will act as an introduction to us and the type of material we will be posting on a reasonably regular basis.

Please feel free to post this blog anywhere you like!  our hope is to find as many like minded people as possible, and have a real community situation where people can share ideas, ask questions, and openly discuss their desires with other real people who happen to enjoy the same kinks!

Here is our first video:


Why are we doing this?

We met in a very conventional way 2 years ago, and had a reasonably conventional relationship for a little over a year.  Over time we started exploring areas of kink that we were both interested in, and last fall we started exploring a Mistress/sub dynamic.  We are not what anyone would consider hard core or extremely experienced in D/s play at all, but we found that we took to these roles naturally.

2011 has brought with it several new ides and areas of exploration for us.  While we continue to explore our D/s roles we have also decided to explore a sort of modified cuckold relationship as well.  Sissy Slut Sarah (SSS) will no longer be having sex with me in any conventional way, and while I am exploring both a bf and a gf at this time, they will be kept separate.  While I may choose to post about them, I will not be allowing SSS to see me with any bf or gf I may have, and they will not be appearing in any of our videos.  Things could change, but as we explain in out "about us" section, we are real people with real lives, and privacy, or at least remaining anonymous, is very important to us.

The second part of what we decided to explore in 2011 was what has brought us to starting this blog.  In all our internet browsing we came across very little real Mistress/sub material.  Of course there is plenty of pro material, but very little real material being made by real people exploring these areas of kink.  We thought it would be both fulfilling and rewarding if we could devise a way to share our thoughts and feelings with others who are either going through the same exploration, or perhaps simply interested in being a voyeur to our journey.

So in this blog we plan to post our thoughts, feelings, and experiences over the next several months, as well as heavily edited videos of our play.  For those of you who may be interested in viewing the full length versions of any video that we post to this blog, we will be offering those as well, at a nominal fee per video.  Please understand that we are not pro's, nor will we be using pro video equipment or lighting.  We are much more interested in capturing the real mood and excitement of our play than we are in playing under bright lights with a boom mic.  If you are interested in one of the full length video files we will post a Pay Pal address for you to use, and the full length, full resolution video will be sent to you via

We look forward to sharing this journey with whomever wishes to come along!